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CAST Highlight subscriptions are priced by the number of applications on-boarded; these can be combined to accommodate any size organization.



12-month subscription

Up to 25 Applications*

Unlimited Portfolio Managers, Contributors & Viewers



12-month subscription

Up to 100 Applications*

Unlimited Portfolio Managers, Contributors & Viewers



12-month subscription

Up to 250 Applications*

Unlimited Portfolio Managers, Contributors & Viewers



12-month subscription

Up to 1,000 Applications*

Unlimited Portfolio Managers, Contributors & Viewers

* While applications can be defined in several ways and as you could consider any part of your source code an application, whether it’s an entire customer enterprise application or a component of it, we suggest that a typical “business application” is a set of custom code, programs and software components, often made of heterogeneous technologies (various programming languages, databases, customization around a software package such as ABAP around SAP, etc.), that form a well-defined system designed to automate a business process, be operated by an end user or by other applications (an e-commerce app, an Order Management system, a CRM, etc.). While the total number of apps per organization, including all varieties of apps (ie. components, instances running in production, end user apps, websites, etc.,) may amount to thousands, statistics show the average number of business apps per organization varies from 10 to 200+, from small IT departments to large ones. These apps consume most of the ADM spend, as they constantly evolve and carry most of the business risk. These apps are the ideal targets for CAST Highlight.Prices are set for a company’s application portfolio account. Applications must be applications owned – or licensed to the company client, to support its own business processes or products. The number of applications depends on the chosen subscription plan.

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“CAST outputs are an important part of our risk threshold framework.”

Frederic Veron

“CAST helps Wipro demonstrate faster, predictable delivery.”

Bhanumurthy B.M.

“I rely on CAST Analytics to explain to my superiors the ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’ of the IT decision.”

Col. Eric Breuille

“CAST has brought consistency and rigor into our development process.”

Pat Howard

“Efficiency, effectiveness and minimizing software risks is high on every CIOs agenda. Partnering with CAST brings enhanced technical depth to BCG.”

Ralf Dreischmeier

“CAST is a very consistent provider, with very sound technology that has been thoroughly vetted.”

Jim Duggan

“Ideal to estimate priority, complexity and risks.”

Patrick Riviere

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