Exclusive Features - Open Source Analyzer

Exclusive Features

Sometimes Open Source Shortcuts Help You Get Your Job Done – And Other Times It Gets You Fired

Our analysis product can help you to discover common open source frameworks in your application. Our scanner gets to the smallest pieces of code. In essence, Open Source Analyzer helps you to monitor and manage the use of Open Source in your application portfolio.

Competitive advantage is one of the main reasons companies choose to use Open Source, but it brings along its own set of challenges and risks. Security is the main challenge – many organizations have internal protocols that are rigid, but it can be difficult to find a seamless way to manage and monitor open source components for adherence.

That is why the features of Open Source Analyzer are so important. They can:

  • Scan the code for Proprietary vs Open Source code and provide a ratio of the 2 components
  • Check the licensing requirements for each of the components
  • Look for vulnerabilities in the open source components
  • Provide solutions and action items to resolve the issues

Our tool is agile and can be integrated into the CI Build. Since the SCA tool syncs itself automatically with the latest CVE list, there will be limited to no manual requirements.

Companies we have helped:

“CAST outputs are an important part of our risk threshold framework.”

Frederic Veron

“CAST helps Wipro demonstrate faster, predictable delivery.”

Bhanumurthy B.M.

“I rely on CAST Analytics to explain to my superiors the ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’ of the IT decision.”

Col. Eric Breuille

“CAST has brought consistency and rigor into our development process.”

Pat Howard

“Efficiency, effectiveness and minimizing software risks is high on every CIOs agenda. Partnering with CAST brings enhanced technical depth to BCG.”

Ralf Dreischmeier

“CAST is a very consistent provider, with very sound technology that has been thoroughly vetted.”

Jim Duggan

“Ideal to estimate priority, complexity and risks.”

Patrick Riviere

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