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About CAST

CAST was founded more than 25 years ago to make the invisible visible when it comes to your software systems. Our company and products are built around the idea that even the best analytics on the market do not give the whole story for technical teams who are looking to deliver better software and prevent damaging outages. CAST provides the software intelligence that matter most for today’s fast moving, highly complex world.

At CAST, we believe in enacting impactful change and shifting the industry toward a more holistic, complete picture of software development and management. We want to challenge the status quo and leave things better than where we found them. We’re passionate about working smarter, not just harder.

Holistic Approach, Accurate Analytics

Our aim is to reflect the actual state of your system by looking at all the layers of your architecture, examining structures and components to provide a clear, precise, and actionable understanding of how individual pieces can impact the whole system.

Industry Leaders Trust Our Solutions

All of our analytics are based on engineering standards from some of the industry’s leading minds (SEI, OMG, and CISQ). These proven measures help to create consensus and serve as benchmarks you can trust.

Companies we have helped:

“CAST outputs are an important part of our risk threshold framework.”

Frederic Veron

“CAST helps Wipro demonstrate faster, predictable delivery.”

Bhanumurthy B.M.

“I rely on CAST Analytics to explain to my superiors the ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’ of the IT decision.”

Col. Eric Breuille

“CAST has brought consistency and rigor into our development process.”

Pat Howard

“Efficiency, effectiveness and minimizing software risks is high on every CIOs agenda. Partnering with CAST brings enhanced technical depth to BCG.”

Ralf Dreischmeier

“CAST is a very consistent provider, with very sound technology that has been thoroughly vetted.”

Jim Duggan

“Ideal to estimate priority, complexity and risks.”

Patrick Riviere

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