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Software composition analysis

Open source is everywhere. On average, an application uses more than 200 open source components. While it helps developers implement features faster, companies need to keep control of these third-party components by continuously identifying, measuring and qualifying them. CAST Highlight allows your IT team to take control of your third-party components and open source software to mitigate license and security risks automatically, easily, and quickly.

We focus on three critical areas:

  • Open Source Security –Identify and manage third-party vulnerabilities to secure your applications against them;
  • License Compliance – Catalogue and manage licenses associated with your OS components;
  • Open Source Obsolescence - Reduce license and vulnerability risk by detecting old/obsolete components that need upgrading
  • Identify & manage third-party vulnerabilities

    You’ve heard all the horror stories – vulnerabilities in open source components have caused private data breaches of millions of people. Statistically, you were probably one of them. The National Vulnerability Database (NVD) currently tracks over 100,000 known vulnerabilities in open source components.

    CAST Highlight helps you identify and manage these vulnerabilities by:

    • Identifying what open source components (and versions) are in your application code
    • Automatically mapping open source components to known vulnerabilities
    • Recommending an upgrade path to remove the risk
    • Continuously tracking newly identified open source vulnerabilities on your open source components

    Catalogue and manage licenses associated with your OS components

    With the use of open source software, there is an increased need to manage the licensing related open source components. If licensing isn’t managed properly, companies can be sued for mis-use, incurring heavy penalties and fines. So why then, don’t more businesses have a policy for open source software license use, compliance, or management? The short answer is that many don’t know the dangers of using not having a solution in place.

    CAST Highlight helps you catalogue and manage open source licenses by:

    1. Identifying the governing license for your open source components
    2. Determining risk levels, as each license type has different restrictions for use
    3. Creating your corporate licensing policy
    4. Continuously tracking which components have licensing that does not meet your corporate guidelines

    Using one of the largest open source databases on the planet, Highlight uses machine learning algorithms to find any/all licensing that governs the use of your open source components. Many open source components were built using other open source components – if you don’t identify all of the licensing from its inception, you’re at risk of thinking you’re compliant when you’re not.

    Reduce license and vulnerability risk by detecting old/obsolete components that need upgrading

    For both functional and security reasons, it’s important that your third-party components are always up to date. Using outdated components not only increases your risk to known vulnerabilities, it means you’re not taking advantage of the latest component upgrades. It also means you may be using components that aren’t supported by the community anymore.

    CAST Highlight helps you manage your component versions/upgrades by:

    1. Detecting which applications use obsolete component versions that require upgrades
    2. Visualizing version timelines (and CVEs) of millions of open source projects help your development team decide which upgrade path is best
    3. Identifying components that have not had any new community updates in the last twelve months
    4. Targeting open source component versions that are release candidates or in beta

    Companies we have helped:

    “CAST outputs are an important part of our risk threshold framework.”

    Frederic Veron

    “CAST helps Wipro demonstrate faster, predictable delivery.”

    Bhanumurthy B.M.

    “I rely on CAST Analytics to explain to my superiors the ‘Whys’ and ‘Hows’ of the IT decision.”

    Col. Eric Breuille

    “CAST has brought consistency and rigor into our development process.”

    Pat Howard

    “Efficiency, effectiveness and minimizing software risks is high on every CIOs agenda. Partnering with CAST brings enhanced technical depth to BCG.”

    Ralf Dreischmeier

    “CAST is a very consistent provider, with very sound technology that has been thoroughly vetted.”

    Jim Duggan

    “Ideal to estimate priority, complexity and risks.”

    Patrick Riviere

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